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i find it really angering that abusive friendships aren’t addressed as much as abusive relationships. they’re both very much alike, horrible, and do a great deal of damage. its hard to talk to someone about leaving an abusive friend and feel like you’re being taken seriously

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Death’s-head Hawkmoth

The name refers to any one of the three species (A. atropos, A. styx and A. lachesis) of moth in the genus Acherontia. These moths are easily distinguishable by the vaguely human skull-shaped pattern of markings on the thorax. These moths have several unusual features. All three species have the ability to emit a loud squeak if irritated.

The two of the tree species named after the Moirai in Greek mythology (the Fates) Lachesis (allotter) and Atropos (unturnable). The word Styx (also meaning “hate” and “detestation”) is a river in Greek mythology that formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld. source in the names and here | edit by me

Even though i cannot stand most of the insects in this world (i only like butterflies and bees) i found this particular animal pretty amazing. Still, only in photos. 

Acherontia Atropos

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